Customer Connect


Tata Motors periodically conducts various workshops across the country and invites all customers to be a part of it. Through free check-ups and expert vehicle diagnostics, we help prepare your car for optimum performance and driving delight. Our expert advice, information & maintenance tips for your vehicle will help you derive the best performance from your Tata vehicle. At the same time, this is your chance to avail various offers on spares, labour charges and value-added service products as well as experience our new products.

We regularly organize free check up camps at all Tata Authorized workshops pan India. Most of the camps are publicized through direct mailers, phone calls, radio, local newspaper advertisements etc. At these camps, we get your vehicles checked thoroughly by our dealership personnel for mechanical and electrical failures and also by experts from Original Equipment Manufacturers, if required. At the end of your visit, we would love if you shared your experiences on how we could make this experience even better for you!


We keep organizing special customer education meets to familiarise you more with your vehicle. In these meets -

During such meets, you can find out more about our value added services such as Extended Warranty, Value Care and Anti-Rust.

Please contact your nearest workshop for details about the next customer education meet that is being held.


We organize dedicated service camps as well as driver education meets for fleet owners. An average of 50 service camps are conducted monthly, pan India for the fleet customers, where discount coupons are distributed and their vehicles are serviced. Exclusive Bays for fleet customers are marked inside the Tata Authorised workshops to ensure a quick turnaround time for the incoming taxi vehicles. We conduct on-site camps to ensure that the health of your vehicle remains in-check and your vehicle is always on road, ensuring best service experience.

We have been conducting driver education meets since last year helping customers like you achieve maximum mileage and efficiency besides minimizing the wear and tear of your vehicles. Our 360 degree car care program is a two hour session that educates drivers like you on maintenance tips, driving dos and don’ts etc. The program concludes with a workshop educating drivers on how various equipments at our authorised workshops help analyse and solve vehicle issues before any major damage occurs.

Please connect with the nearest Tata Motors dealership / our Tata Motors Office to check for the dates on which the camps are scheduled for the month.