Information On Warranty

New Vehicle Warranty

Each TATA vehicle & parts thereof manufactured by Tata Motors are guaranteed to be free from material and workmanship defects, subject to the terms & conditions mentioned in owner's manual.

The warranty begins from the date of delivery of the vehicle to the first owner. The delivery date is considered as start date for the warranty period.

For warranty related support, the vehicle owner shall contact the concerned Tata Motors authorized dealer / TASC.

For more details on warranty Terms & Conditions, please refer to Owner's manual / Click Here.

Tata Motors warrants each TATA vehicle & parts thereof manufactured to be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to terms & conditions mentioned in the Owner's manual.

Warranty Period

The warranty period commences from date of delivery of the vehicle to the first owner. Warranty on each model is applicable as per below table.
Period* (Months)Mileage* (Kms)Period* (Months)Mileage* (Kms)
Indica / Indigo2475,000--
Vista / Manza2475,000--
Aria / Safari Storme / Sumo Gold / Grande361,00,000--
Safari ( 2.2L DICOR) / Sumo Grande (2.2L DICOR)2475,0002450,000
Sumo Victa / Spacio (4SP#)18Unlimited1850,000
*Months or Kilometers, whichever occurs earlier.
 *Above warranty period is applicable for the vehicles sold on or after 01 Dec 2011. For vehicles sold before this date, please refer to owner's manual.
 *Warranty period may change without notice – For details, please check owner's manual.
 #Warranty for 4SP engine – 3 years or 300000 Kilometers, whichever occurs earlier (Private  & Taxi).

Warranty Obligations & Limitations

  • Tata Motors' obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing, free of charge, such parts of the vehicle which, are defective, on the vehicle being brought to Tata Motors Authorized  dealers within the warranty period
  • Any part which is found to be defective and is replaced under the warranty shall be Tata Motors property
  • For parts like tires, batteries, infotainment system, electrical equipment and fuel injection equipment, not manufactured by Tata Motors but supplied by other manufacturers, this warranty shall not apply. Though, Tata Motors Authorized Dealers / TASCs will assist the vehicle owner in taking up the complaint with the respective manufacturers, wherever manufacturer's warranty is applicable and their decision on the warranty will be final
  • This warranty shall be void if the vehicle is 
    • Repaired or altered otherwise than in accordance with standard repair procedure
    • Repaired / serviced at a non-authorized service center
    • Subjected to misuse, negligence, improper or inadequate maintenance or accident or loading in excess of such carrying capacity as certified
    • Not serviced as per service schedule prescribed in Owner's Manual and Service Book by the vehicle owner through Tata Motors authorized dealers or service centers or service points
  • This warranty shall not cover normal wear and tear or any inherent normal deterioration of the vehicle or any of its parts arising from the actual use of the vehicle or any damage due to negligent or improper operation or storage of the vehicle
  • This warranty shall not apply to any damage or deterioration caused by environmental pollution or bird droppings
  • This warranty shall be null and void if the vehicle is subjected to abnormal use such as rallying, racing or participation in any other competitive sports
  • Any claims arising from this warranty shall be recognized only if it is notified in writing to Tata Motors or to the concerned dealer without any delay soon after such a defect is observed and ascertained under this warranty

Owner's Responsibilities

To keep vehicle warranty in force, the vehicle owner shall –

TOP(Parts) Warranty 

Tata Motors Original Parts (TOP) comes with a warranty period of 6 months or 10,000 kms. whichever is earlier from date of part purchase & fitment on the vehicle. The part shall be purchased and fitted on the vehicle from Tata Motors authorized dealers / TASCs only (who will be assisting the TOP warranty). The vehicle owner shall retain the customer's copy of the original repair bill for all future reference.

Parts will not be covered under this warranty if it breaks down or fails to perform due to abuse, misuse, alteration, accident or have been improperly lubricated or repaired. Also, normal wear & tear failures will not be considered under this warranty. This warranty shall not apply to the incidental or consequential damages, loss of time, inconvenience & loss of use of the vehicle or commercial loss.

Tata Motors reserves the right for the final decision in all warranty matters.